• XRS Series

    Reach Stackers

    Redefining the standard in Reach
    Stacker Container Handling.
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    TS Reach Stacker
  • XLC Series

    Loaded Container Handlers

    Answering the call for confident
    and stabile heavy lifting.
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    XLC Loaded Container Handlers
  • XEC Series

    Empty Container Handlers

    The workhorse of any
    container yard.
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    XEC Empty Container Handlers
  • X Series

    7 to 16t Capacity Industrial Forklifts

    Designed with operator and
    service personnel in mind.
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    X Series
  • X Series

    18 to 32t Capacity Industrial Forklifts

    Dependable, long lasting
    trucks for ANY industry.
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    X Series
  • X Series

    36 to 56t Capacity Industrial Forklifts

    The heaviest loads have
    met their match.
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    X Series
  • XH Series

    14 to 18t Capacity
    48-in (1200mm) LC
    Industrial Forklifts

    A uniquely capable solution for larger lifts from a smaller truck
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    XH Series
  • XC/THC Series

    8 to 22t Capacity Cushion Tire Lift Trucks

    The perfect balance
    of size and power.
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    XC/THC Series
  • Specialty Lift Trucks

    4WD, Big Tire Fork Lifts, RoRo and more

    From rough terrain to uniquely
    capable machines, we engineer
    and build what you need.
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    Specialty Lift Trucks

Taylor Machine Works International

Your worldwide source for Taylor cargo and material handling equipment, parts, and service
for all locations outside the United States and Canada

From busy ports in South America, Central America, and Southeast Asia to transshipment hubs in the Caribbean Islands to steel mills in Mexico and to oil fields in the Middle East and Africa, for over 87 years Taylor Machine Works has the products and support team to meet the heavy material handling equipment needs of operations around the world.

Defining the Difference

At Taylor we engineer and build what you need. More than just a slogan, this is the way that we approach business – your business. At Taylor Machine Works International we focus our attention on the challenges your operation faces to provide real solutions in an effort to advance your productivity and bottom line – not just for today, but for years to come.

‘Up-Time’ is built into every product because at Taylor sacrificing quality and durability is never an option. We understand that your business demands consistent, dependable performance from the products you use to the vendors that supply them. It is our commitment to provide the very best, most dependable, longest lasting, and most cost effective machines on the market today.