Taylor Lift Trucks = Versatility

Just add the right attachment.

The toughest and most complicated lifts can be easily cut down to size with Taylor’s extensive line of mast and boom attachments. The right attachments can make one Taylor truck work like 2, 3, or more!

Reach Stacker Attachments


  • Taylor designed and manufactured for easy maintenance and accessibility
  • Rotating head
  • ISO Container handling
  • Optional pile slope for rail application
  • Adding lifting straps to the optional lifting eyes on the spreader offers new options for break-bulk application while utilizing rotation and side shifting features of spreader


Magnetic Slab Attachment

  • Perfect for moving large steel slabs from ground to truck
  • Quick and Efficient


Winkle Coil Attachment

  • Rotating assembly for easy placement of any steel or aluminum coil



  • Fixed Single Hook
  • Rotating 3-Hook assembly with Side-shift for specialty lifts


Spreader Bars

  • Support for uniquely shaped long loads like windmill blades
  • For use with spreader attachment


Bottom Pick Attachment

  • Makes light work of handling trailers/chassis.
  • Perfect for rail yards


Mast Truck Attachments

Coil Ram

  • Perfect for the metals industry.


Pipe Clamps

  • Securely gather and load large numbers of metal pipe in one
  • Concrete Pipe Attachment for safe handling


Tire Handler Attachment

  • Makes quick and safe work out of heavy tire replacement


Steel Slab Attachment

  • 54t Capacity
  • Makes handling large flat steel slabs effortless


Have a special lifting requirement?

Taylor can design and engineer a custom attachment to fit your unique needs.

Taylor Lift Trucks are the most versatile trucks in the industry.

Find out what options are right for your operation.