For every industry,
There’s a Taylor to meet your need

Since 1927 Taylor Lift Trucks have been meeting the cargo and material handling needs of industries throughout the world. At Taylor International we take the time to know your business and your industry in order to provide the right equipment to meet your needs.

Port Operations

From traditional break bulk handling to moving containers, Taylor lift trucks are designed, engineered, and built with productivity in mind – and they need to be, as port environments are some of the harshest and most demanding places on earth for any machine.

X-Series Pneumatic Tire Fork Lifts

XLC – Loaded Container Handlers

XEC – Empty Container Handlers

TS-9972 Reach Stackers


Steel Operations

Heavy Duty Industrial Lift Trucks are our specialty. Whether handling steel coils or slabs in the yard or in the foundry Taylor trucks are up the challenge. Consider a X-Series Lift Truck with Coil Ram attachment or even the versatile TS-9972 Reach Stacker with Winkle Coil Grab or Magnetic Slab Attachment.

X-Series Pneumatic Tire Fork Lifts

THC – High Capacity Cushion Tire Trucks

TS-9972 Reach Stackers


Mining / Oil Fields

Field locations offer challenges to mobile lift equipment due to uneven terrain and changing weather conditions. Taylor’s Big Wheel and 4 Wheel Drive Fork Lifts are designed and engineered to smooth out the rough spots and make short order of your big on-site projects. Add a Pipe Clamp Attachment and now the job just got easier, faster, and safer.

XB Series – Big Tire Fork Lifts

TX4 – Articulated 4 Wheel Drive Fork Lifts


Concrete Industry

Dust, dirt, and heavy loads – These are the elements found in every concrete factory or yard. Combined they will kill most other trucks. Taylor trucks handle them all with ease. Designed with your maintenance team in mind, Taylor trucks feature easy access to all serviceable components. So keeping them clean and operational is quick and easy so your production doesn’t miss a beat.

X-Series Pneumatic Tire Fork Lifts

XH Series 48in (3759mm) Load Center Fork Lifts


Warehouse Facilities

If your warehousing needs require handling heavier loads, look to Taylor’s lineup of higher capacity cushion tire lift trucks. The XC Series has no equal on the market. Designed with an overall width of just 56.5-inches (1435MM) and a tighter turn radius, the XC Series provides excellent maneuverability in tight spaces.

XC Series – Cushion Tire Fork Lifts

THC – High Capacity Cushion Tire Fork Lifts



Some companies make a ‘marketing’ decision to go back to their roots to show that they haven’t forgotten where they come from. We NEVER forgot! Leaving our roots was never an option to consider. In fact, we have been taking the entire tree since our first timber skidder “Logger’s Dream” was introduced in 1937. Ever since then, and without interruption, we have been committed to the lumber and timber industry by manufacturing durable and dependable lift trucks specific to this industry.

XLS – Log Stackers

XH Series 48in (3759mm) Load Center Fork Lifts