How can generic parts cost more than factory OEM?

The High Cost of Generic Parts vs Taylor Factory OEM

What may seem like an innovative way to save money can quickly cascade into collateral damage to other parts, added labor costs, and extended truck down time.

Here is a prime example of what can, and often does, go wrong when a generic part is substituted for Genuine OEM.

Substituting OEM Motor Mounts

Generic parts vs taylor factory OEM

generic parts vs taylor factory oem

The End Result
By using generic motor mount rubbers, the specs in engine height, resistance, and cushioning are altered.

In this example, the consequence of using the wrong motor mounts caused the center line of the engine crank shaft to become misaligned with the radiator causing a broken fan blade – a result of the fan coming in contact with the fan shroud cover.

So, how expensive is it to use OEM parts?
Far LESS than you might expect

In this example, the following costs were incurred:
• Generic Motor Mounts = Cost unknown as they were simply pieces of rubber
• OEM Motor Mounts = $62.94USD
• New Fan = $256.98USD
• Labor to replace broken fan AND generic mounts with proper OEM Motor Mounts = $400.00USD


Had the correct parts been purchased at the beginning, the total cost to replace the motor mounts the first time,

ONLY $62.94 USD plus labor.

Unfortunately, practices like this are far too common. This frequently results in damage that can extend to other parts of the truck adding unnecessary cost in parts, labor, and additional time that the truck is down for repairs.

Did you have to rent a truck during this downtime?
What was that cost?
All for the sake of some motor mounts hardly makes it worthwhile.

Please don’t let this happen. Use Genuine Taylor Parts the first time to ensure the most UP-TIME at the LOWEST cost.

Taylor Machine Works International

Learn More: How to Identify Genuine Taylor Parts

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