How to avoid a pedestrian accident

Vision Plus Pedestrian Safety
We can all agree that in order for an accident to occur between mobile equipment and a pedestrian three events must take place.

1) THE OPERATOR must fail to look in the direction of and keep a clear view of the path of travel.

2) THE PEDESTRIAN must be located within an area in which mobile equipment operates and fail to keep a proper lookout.

3) THE EMPLOYER must fail to either establish equipment and pedestrian travel lanes, OR to enforce these travel restrictions.

When these three events come into play simultaneously, there is only one system that can be the difference that prevents a tragedy.

Vision Plus Forklift Image

The Next Generation in Pedestrian Detection

Vision Plus™ – Powered by Mobileye
This is the next generation in pedestrian detection aids for operators of powered and mobile industrial vehicles.

Vision Plus™ uses industrial grade cameras and operator displays to provide the driver with real-time information concerning location and tracking of pedestrians around the vehicle.

  • Track multiple pedestrians at same time

Patented technology enables Vision Plus™ to ignore non-pedestrian obstacles, significantly reducing the number of alarms to the operator and pedestrians.

This functionality – unique to Vision Plus™ – ensures that only the most important information is provided to the operator.

Rugged components and state-of-the-art technology combine to provide a pedestrian detection aid that will add to the operator’s practice of clearing the area with direct vision.

There’s simply nothing else like it!

Vision Plus-Pro - Vision Plus-Pro.pdf

Or click here to read, Vision Plus-Pro – Brochure

Vision Plus™ is NOT equipment specific. Upgrade ALL your equipment to a higher level of safety!

Learn More.  Contact Taylor Machine Works International today!

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