VIDEO: How to use a leaf chain wear scale

May 28, 2019

Understand Chain Stretch This can be caused by a combination of chain wear and overload. This (overload) can show up as elongation of plates which do not pass over the rollers. If there is any significant (1%) elongation in the area which does not pass over the rollers, replace the entire length of both chains. […]

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Meet the newest member of the Taylor team

August 22, 2018

Please join us in welcoming our newest sales representative to the Taylor Machine Works International team. John De Maarten, Senior Sales Manager – LATAM, has an experienced background serving the needs of the heavy equipment and commercial truck industries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Born and raised in the Dutch Antilles, John is fluent […]

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How can generic parts cost more than factory OEM?

May 3, 2018

Generic parts vs Taylor Factory OEM. Here is a prime example of what can, and often does, go wrong when a generic part is substituted for Genuine OEM. What may seem like an innovative way to save money can quickly cascade into collateral damage to other parts, added labor costs, and extended truck down time.

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How to Identify Genuine Taylor Parts

April 18, 2018

When ordering Taylor parts be sure that you are getting what you expect. Mis-labeled parts and previously used parts being sold as new Taylor are prevalent. Saving money is very enticing. But using the wrong part can lead to premature failure, truck downtime, and additional repair expense. Make sure your parts have this label. Beware […]

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Access to a Real Person is Key to Customer Service

April 4, 2018

How do you define customer support? When you have a question, sometimes you just need to speak to a real person in real time. Detailed and urgent questions are many times best communicated in a phone conversation. But auto-answering phone prompts are annoying, complicated, and a waste of your precious time. At Taylor Machine Works […]

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