14t-18t Capacity Forklifts with 48-in (1200mm) Load Center

  • Taylor XH-350 – 16 ton capacity forklift handling concrete slabs.
  • Taylor XH-350 shown in Safety Yellow with concrete pipe clamp attachment.
  • Less expensive to own and operate than typical large capacity trucks, the XH Series Lift Truck is perfect for handling uniquely sized loads in any application including large fabrications in manufacturing operations.
  • Taylor XH-Series Trucks provide stable handling of large and heavy loads from a small frame design.
  • Dimensionally large loads can be easily handled by this 18 ton capacity XH-400 forklift.
  • Lumber yards can benefit from the unique capabilities of Taylor XH-Series Forklift Trucks.
  • Taylor XH-Series – 14-18 ton lifting capacity with 1200mm LC.

XH-Series | 48-in (1200mm) Load Center

XH-300L – 14 ton Capacity

XH-350L – 16 ton Capacity

XH-360L – 16 ton Capacity

XH-370M – 17 ton Capacity

XH-400L – 18 ton Capacity


Uniquely designed to safely provide a longer load center on a smaller framed truck, the XH Series from Taylor hits the mark by matching peace of mind lifting capability with small truck value.

Many lift trucks designed with capacities in the 14-18t range are, more often than not, equipped with 24-in (600mm) Load Center forks – which is fine for handling heavy pallet sized loads. But what if loads are dimensionally larger and require longer forks – like concrete slabs for instance?

Equipped with longer 96-in (2438mm) forks Taylor Machine Works XH Series Fork Trucks are engineered to specifically handle dimensionally larger loads through a chassis design that effectively provides the correct amount of counterbalance. This is critical to maintaining proper center of gravity for safe fork truck operation.

With wheelbase measurements of 145-155-in (3683-3937mm) depending upon model, the Taylor XH Series has longer wheelbases than most trucks in this category. Therefore, lifting capacities are increased without the need to purchase larger, more expensive trucks that may be oversized for your need and more costly to operate.

Mast Assembly – The Taylor ULTRA-VU mast features a nested channel and chains for increased visibility and safety. For complete control over our manufacturing process of this critical component, our masts are designed, engineered, and manufactured by our team at a dedicated facility in Louisville, Mississippi. We utilize the same engineering programs as Boeing to perform critical stress analysis functions affording us a unique look at how different loads in varying positions can affect the structure of all components and frame. With this data, adjustments to design are made in our engineering lab long before a component is built and shipped.

Steer Axles – This is one component that inherently takes a lot of abuse, especially when the truck is operated without a load. Therefore, we set out to design, engineer, and manufacture our own steer axles in order to control the highest quality and to ensure a durability and longevity that you have come to expect from all Taylor Machine Works products.

Carriage and Forks – XH Series Forklifts are routinely put to the test operating over uneven or rough terrain. Therefore, we have developed our 100-in (2540mm) C-type carriage assembly with this in mind – making it more resistant to dynamic shock loads, stabile at high lifts, and durable to offset loads. For reduced maintenance we incorporate tapered roller bearings for the carriage main rollers and adjustable side bearings. The XH-360L features standard Side Shift and Fork Positioners – optional on all other models.

Engines – When it comes to engine choices we at Taylor Machine Works refuse to compromise on performance or durability in order to achieve questionable fuel savings. We offer our XH Series Lift Trucks with large displacement engine packages with proven low end torque necessary to meet your heavy lifting demands.

Built to Last 1 Million Cycles – XH Series Industrial Fork Lifts provide the ultimate in durability and longevity by using only high yield T-1 steel throughout each truck, horizontal / full penetration welding techniques, and heavy duty components all working together to meet this requirement.

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Taylor – TXH Fork Lifts for the Concrete Industry

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