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One size does not fit all when it comes to material handling. Heavy loads need to be loaded up, loaded off, moved, positioned, re-positioned, and hauled from one location to another in all types of environments. These varied situations require unique solutions to allow every job to be done quicker, safer, and more cost effectively. It is for this reason that Taylor offers trucks that are made specifically for these unique tasks.

TX4-250 / 300 / 360

These 4-wheel drive (4WD) forklifts are specifically designed for one task, moving material in the harshest environments imaginable. Operating in conditions like snow, mud, or rough terrain – the TX4 delivers unparalleled performance. Unlike other comparable articulated forklifts, this is not a front loader chassis with a fork attachment, but an articulated material handler completely designed and engineered by Taylor Machine Works to have no reduction in capacity while in full turns and 11-ft (3,4m) of vertical lift.

With three different capacities available, the TX4 articulated 4-wheel drive (4WD) forklifts have the capability of outperforming so-called front-end loader/forklifts. To achieve the same capacity from a front-end loader with fork attachment a wheelbase larger than the 132-in (353mm) wheelbase offered by the TX4 Series would typically be needed. A tight turning radius is achieved

Wheelbase and Capacity
24-in (600mm) Load Center

  • TX4-250 / 11 ton Capacity; 132-in (3353mm) Wheelbase
  • TX4-300 / 14 ton Capacity; 132-in (3353mm) Wheelbase
  • TX4-360 / 16 ton Capacity; 132-in (3353mm) Wheelbase

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TXB-180S / 200S / 250M / 300L

With an oversized front wheel and tire, the TXB Series from Taylor Machine Works easily handles the lifting requirements of yard operations that typically have rough, uneven ground like those routinely found in the wood products industry.

Wheelbase and Capacity
24-in (600mm) Load Center

  • TXB-180S / 8 ton Capacity; 110-in (2794mm) Wheelbase
  • TXB-200S / 9 ton Capacity; 110-in (2794mm) Wheelbase
  • TXB-250M / 11 ton Capacity; 121-in (3073mm) Wheelbase
  • TXB-300L / 14 ton Capacity; 140-in (3556mm) Wheelbase

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TX-550RC / 925RC

Operations that require the frequent moving of their heavy lift equipment will appreciate the removable counterweight feature that the TX-550RC and 925RC afford. With the simple release of a few pins, the counterweight can be lifted free of the truck. This allows the machine’s overall weight to be divided into two manageable sections for easier loading and un-loading by other equipment.

The 550RC can then be easily lowered into a vessel hold in two sections, re-assembled, and used aboard ship to assist in break-bulk operations. A counterweight weighing 14t and a truck swing weight of 21t can then be handled easily by most dockside cranes.

The removable 18t counterweight on the larger TX-925RC with elevated center mount operator station allows easier transport and reduces the truck weight to 38t.

Wheelbase and Capacity


  • 36-in (900mm) Load Center / 25 ton Capacity; 144-in (3658mm) Wheelbase
  • 48-in (1200mm) Load Center / 22 ton Capacity; 144-in (3658mm) Wheelbase


  • 48-in (1200mm) Load Center / 42 ton Capacity; 225-in (5715mm) Wheelbase

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The T-550RR is designed specifically for use on RORO (Roll On/Roll Off) ships. RORO ships have built-in ramps which allows the cargo to be efficiently “rolled on” and “rolled off” the ship when in port. With an overall height of only 112-in (2845mm) to the top off the cab and an overall width of 134-in (3404mm), the T-550RR is well suited for operating within confined spaces. For increased visibility the offset cab features dual operating controls and a seat capable of rotating 180° degrees to allow the operator to face the direction of travel.

Wheelbase and Capacity
48-in (1200mm) Load Center | 160-in (4064mm) Wheelbase

  • 25 ton Capacity – up to 9-ft (2,7m) Lift
  • 23 ton Capacity – from 9-ft (2,7m) to 12-ft (3,7m) Lift

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TX-4030 Rigger

The Taylor TX-4030 Rigger is the ideal choice for handling any type of heavy tooling used in manufacturing facilities including a low overall height for indoor use. The Taylor built 150.5-in (3823mm) 3-Stage telescopic mast has nested channels constructed of high strength steel and features 38-in (965) for Free Lift for low height clearance operation.

Wheelbase and Capacity

  • 36-in (900mm) LC / 14 ton Capacity; 132-in (3353mm) Wheelbase
  • 36-in (900mm) LC / 18 ton Capacity; 132-in (3353mm) Wheelbase**

** if traveling less than 1mph (1.6kph) and under 48-in (1200mm) lift height

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XLS-800 / 900 / 1000

Known for their rugged dependability, Taylor offers three XLS Log Stacker models each capable of handling a full log load from truck or rail in a single pass. All models are built on an all-welded high-strength steel chassis and frame. The ergonomically designed operator station is mounted in an offset position to provide better visibility compared over center mounted models.    

Wheelbase and Capacity
48-in (1200mm) Load Center

  • XLS-800 36 ton Capacity; 243-in (6172mm) Wheelbase
  • XLS-900 41 ton Capacity; 288-in (7315mm) Wheelbase
  • XLS-1000 45 ton Capacity; 288-in (7315mm) Wheelbase

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