A New Approach To Pedestrian Safety
Around Mobile Vehicles

In an effort to improve existing operational conditions, Taylor Machine Works developed Vision Plus™ to help aid the operator with visual and audible warnings when pedestrians enter the area around the machine. Vision Plus™ represents a major step forward in options to improve pedestrian safety around mobile vehicles. It is a vehicle mounted, pedestrian detection system designed to aid industrial vehicle operators in monitoring the presence of pedestrians in the work area. Best of all, it does not require any devices to be worn by pedestrians.

The Next Generation of Pedestrian Detection
for Mobile Industrial Equipment

Using a series of cameras mounted in various locations on the equipment, the operator is able to monitor pedestrian activity around the vehicle by means of a display mounted in the operator’s station. Distinct audible alarms and a system of warning lights alert the operator of a pedestrian within a specific operating range of his equipment. Patented technology enables Vision Plus™ to ignore non-pedestrian obstacles, significantly reducing the number of alarms to the operator and pedestrians. This functionality – unique to Vision Plus™ – ensures that only the most important information is provided to the operator. Rugged components and state-of-the-art technology combine to provide a pedestrian detection aid that will add to the operator’s practice of clearing the area with direct vision.