The best way to keep an old customer
Is to treat them like a NEW customer

The machines that you operate are critical to the productivity and success of your operation. The support team at Taylor International understands this and we take pride in our responsiveness and professional support.

Through our extensive international dealer network, we offer the service support you need to keep your machines running strong. From the earliest machines to the most current and advanced models, our personnel are specially trained on all aspects of Taylor equipment

Expert Factory Support

When a machine is down for repair your maintenance staff can count on the professionals at Taylor International to provide needed assistance. Think of us as your Taylor ‘Phone-A-Friend’ – here to answer critical questions and help get your machine back online as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to provide you with a product that will provide years of service and offer outstanding return on your investment. When properly maintained Taylor Lift Trucks will last a very long time. The Taylor International support team is here to help your maintenance staff by providing a recommended spare parts list and recommended preventative maintenance schedules. Through our years of personal experience we can offer insightful advice based on your truck and its intended application.

Making the decision to repair, rebuild, or replace a machine can be difficult. Our team of knowledgeable technicians is available to provide field inspections of your fleet. Consider it is a low cost way to assess the condition of your equipment to help guide the decision process. Just another way Taylor International offers value to your operation.

Genuine Taylor Parts Delivered Fast.

Don’t let low cost after-market parts ruin your Taylor investment! Only Genuine Taylor Parts can ensure the longevity of your Taylor equipment. Count on Taylor International and our network of dedicated dealers to provide the parts you need when you need them. Learn More.